T7W Touch Panel

The T7W touch wall controls have been designed to remotely control our SC series digital processors.



  The SC T7W Touch wall controls have been designed to remotely control our SC Serie digital processors. The Touch T7W is a 7” programmable, surface mount, touch control. The T7W consists of five (5) programmable wall control models that provide level and switching control. Programing of the Touch controls has been simplified via the easy to use drag & drop configuration integrated within the processors SCcom software. For simplified remote control needs, the wall control models will provide the control flexibility you need. For more complex control applications, the programmable Touch T7W touch panel control will provide simplified flexibility at the touch of a finger.



  The T7W controls are easy to program. Simply drag and drop a T7W from the SCcom software menu into the work area, highlight a level or switch control parameter from within a DSP module in your design and drag and drop it onto the T7W touch panel Additionally for the Touch control, arrange and name the control parameters on the Touch panel surface to satisfy the user and application and create multiple control pages to simplify complex control applications while adding control flexibility. Save your work to the physical T7W touch control device and you are done. Connection to the processor or network is via Ethernet cable. DHCP is required for T7W operation and VS4 DHCP or Static IP addresses for the Panel. Power the T7W controls with VS4 included external power supply or over the Ethernet cable using a POE switch or injector (for multiple T7W and VS4 contro|s in a system network we recommend a DHCP enabled router and a POE switch combination). The Touch models have an aluminum front panel (and the Touch a steel back box) and are available in black or white. Touch surface mounts onto an existing 2-gang size electrical back box (multiple hole patterns provided in our back box to accommodate various applications) and VS4 mounts into an existing 2-gang electrical back box.